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Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication
- Leonardo da Vinci

My name is Houston Harpp and I design and develop usable web experiences. My skill is to make the complicated simple and beautiful.


User Experience Design

I strongly believe that before technology, the user is always first. I innovate solutions that will allow technology to serve people in the best experience possible.

UI Design & Development

Whether it’s a one page site or a responsive web application, I use a holistic approach to design and develop user interfaces that reflect the identity and values ​​of a brand while meeting the technology requirements.

Design & Brand Development

I don't just create logo's but brands that really encompass your look and personality. I typically take a clean and minimal approach. However it's really just about your market and ensuring that a consistent message is displayed across all marketing channels.

Get in Touch

Interested? Please contact for questions, ideas or a possible collaboration.

You could call me, but I may not be available. I'm usually working Monday-Friday. So just shoot me a good old fashion e-mail. And I'll do my best to get back to you.